• Curriculum & Instruction Vision Statement


    The vision of the Manville School District Curriculum Office is to create a progressive learning environment with an engaging, comprehensive, and rigorous curriculum that prepares all students to be a productive member of a global society.  By providing a 21st Century student-centered classroom with a climate that celebrates diversity and individuality, the Curriculum Office will build strong, proud, and independent individuals, who respond ethically to diverse challenges as well as possess a passion with a desire for problem-solving, learning, and teaching.  The Curriculum Office aims to foster a collaborative learning community that allows individuals to think critically and independently, express themselves creatively, and reflect on their own learning and personal growth.

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  • Dr. Jamil Maroun
    Assistant Superintendent

    Tatianna McBride
    Director of PreK-4 Education

    Lorraine Calvo
    Administrator Assistant to the Director of Curriculum
    Phone: (908) 231-8500 x8620
    Fax: (908) 722-0527