• Technology Requests are available to all staff from within the school district only at this time. 
    Some issues you may experience are with your computer, promethean board, logins, email and so forth. 
    Upon entering the Technology request Link you are highly encouraged to please check the Knowledge Base within the Technology Request screen to see if your question or issue can be resolved by any of the articles found there.
    Technology Requests are serviced in the order they are received and are also dependent upon how critical the issue is.  As an example of a critical vs: non-critical service call, an entire lab with no internet connectivity will always take precedence over a bad keyboard or single machine not working..
    If you have ideas for new articles that you believe would be of use to you or your fellow staff please direct your suggestions to the Technology Coordinator via email.  Your help will enable us to help others and become a more efficient resource!
    Click the photo below to be taken to the technology request link!
    Technology Request