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  • High School Mathematics Program
    In alignment with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and graduation requirements set forth by the state, the district has offers both college-prep and honors level mathematics courses.  Information on all courses offered can be found in the Manville High School Program of Studies located on the Manville High School homepage.
    Course Offerings:
    • Algebra 1 (also offered as part of the middle school advanced program)
    • Geometry & Geometry Honors (also offered as part of the middle school advanced program) 
    • Algebra 2 & Algebra 2 Honors
    • Math Applications*
    • Intro to Probability and Statistics*
    • Math Connections
    • Pre-Calculus*
    • Calculus*

    *courses meet "third-year of mathematics" requirement for graduation; applicable to students who took Algebra 1 and/or Geometry in middle school. 

    Resources for Students & Parents