1. Grades are determined per the student IEP and Manville School District Grading Policies.
    2. Students will receive numeric grades on report cards and progress reports.
    3. Assignments and work should always be on time. Late work will be accepted and graded as late (5 point deduction for each day)

    Students' grades will be derived using the following:

    1. Class Participation - 25%
    2. Tests - 40%
    3. Writing/Projects - 15%
    4. Quizzes - 15%
    5. Homework - 5%




    • Marking Periods are each worth 22% (totaling 88%) of your final grade.
    • The Final Exam is worth 12% of your final grade.  
    • Students who do not take exams will receive a 0 (zero).
    • Students MUST have a medical excuse to make up a missed exam.



    All writing assignments are scored using a 6 point scale.