Algebra I Syllabus



                          Mr. Horton’s

                           Algebra I

                              Syllabus 2019- 2020



    Description of Course:   Algebra I is a required course and is worth 5 credits.   The class meets 5 periods per week.   Algebra I is required by the New Jersey Department of Education in order to meet high school graduation requirements.  Students enrolled in this course will need to pass the New Jersey End-of-Course Algebra 1 Exam given around May.

    Textbook:  Algebra I, Copyright 2011; by Pearson.  

    Units of Study:

        Unit 1:  Expressions and Equations

        Unit 2:  Linear Relationships

        Unit 3:  Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions

        Unit 4:  Radical and Rational Functions

        Unit 5:  Data Analysis, Probability, Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics


    Policies on Grading:  Grades are determined per student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Manville School Grading Policies. Students will receive numeric grades on report cards and progress reports.

      1.  Classwork: (50%)

    • Warm-up activities will be given at the beginning of each class.
    • Group and individual assignments
    • Participating in class discussions and activities
    • Writing Assignments
    • Random checks of materials to ensure students are prepared for class.

      2.  Formative and Summative Assessments: (30%)

    • Tests will be given at the end of each unit. There will be a test review given to the class before the test and students will be given study guides.
    • Formative assessments will be used throughout the instruction to assess each student’s progress and allow the teacher to re-teach concepts that students are having difficulty learning. Some formative assessments will include: exit tickets and thumbs up.
    • A student may redo a test to improve the grade if the student is willing to put in the time and effort. Test grades will be averaged.  Students can use their class notes during the tests.
    • Quizzes will be given occasionally, without notice, on material covered since the last class.

      3.  Homework: (10%)

    • Homework assignments are found on my webpage.
    • Homework will be checked daily. Students who complete their homework late will receive one less point for each day the assignment is past due.
    • Homework assignments may be collected at the beginning of class.

       4.  Participation: (10%)

       5.  Final Grades:

    • Each marking period is worth 22% of the final grade.
    • There will be final exam in June. Final exams may make up 12% of the grade.


    Student Expectations:

       1.  Class Procedures:

    • Arrive to class on time and prepared to learn.
    • Complete warm-up exercises.
    • Review homework
    • Complete assigned class work
    • Clean-up and complete exit ticket (formative assessment)

       2.  Class Rules:

    • Come to class on time with a pencil, notebook, and ready to learn.
    • Staff and students will treat everyone with respect.
    • Only one person speaks at a time.
    • Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the classroom unless it is noted on the student’s IEP or approved by the school psychologist. 
    • Work to the best of your ability.



    Remind Messaging System:  Remind messages will sent throughout the school year.  Please check you phone when you receive one.


    Canvas Learning Management Platform:   Canvas is similar to Google Classroom.   Class materials and homework will be done over Canvas.