• Grading Policy
    Physical Education:  Participation 35%

                                        Preparation   35%

                                        testing   Skills/ Written 25%


    Health Education

                                       Classwork 30%

                                       Project        40%

                                      Test/ quiz    30%


     Medical Excuses: ( Long term)

    Students who are not taking Physical Education due to a medical excuse are required to write a term paper due before the ending of the marking period for a marking period grade.  If paper is not turned in a 55 will be  given for a marking period grade.


    Paper Topics 


    Body images disturbances

    Eating disorders

    Exercise addiction

    self mutilation

    Binge drinking/ alcohol Poisoning

    Fetal Alcohol syndrome

    Natural body supplements

    History of the Olympics past to present

    Medical marijuana

      Abusive relationships

    History of a specific sport

    Topic of choice by student must be health or physical education related



    • Title page with topic , your name, block period and date
    • No less than 5 pages long. This doe snot include the title page and the resource page
    • Title page with Nmae , date , topic, block
    • Resource page