• Syllabus-Language Arts


    • Class meets 5 times per week for 51 minutes.
    • Full year course
    • Class is worth 5 credits towards graduation requirements.
    • All students must take and pass 4 years of high school English classes to graduate.


    Stacey Kita


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    After school upon request

    Students in English will:

    • Read and Appreciate different forms of literature (novels, short stories, poems, plays/dramas, myths and legends). 
    • Write cohesive and grammatically correct essays for a variety of purposes and audiences.
    • Speak and discuss topics in class Individually, in small groups, large groups (oral reports) and as part of dramatizations.
    • Become active listeners.
    • Use library and reference materials for research and studying.


    The Manville Language Arts Curriculum is developed so all students are given the opportunity to reach his/hers educational potential. The program is based on the Balanced Literacy Approach that enables students to think logically, creatively and critically while expressing ideas in spoken, written and non-verbal forms of communication. Through the use of this program studen6s will be able to organize, evaluate, and apply information. Students will be actively engaged through differentiated instruction in meaningful and purposeful reading and writing experiences on a daily basis. Student progress will be monitored using state recommended rubrics, portfolios, and authentic assessment. Our program is intended to support the learning of all students through challenging activities that bring students to higher levels of performance.


    The Big Idea-NJ Core Content Curriculum Standards

    Reading-"The ability to read a variety of texts requires independence, comprehension and fluency."

    Writing-"Writing is the process of communicating in print for a variety of audiences and purposes."

    Speaking-"Oral language is a tool for communicating, thinking and learning."

    Listening-"Listening is an active process to gain understanding."

    Media-"A media literate person can evaluate how words, images, and sounds influence a message."

    Units of Study

    Grade 9

    • Id, Ego, Superego and Everone else: Relationships
    • Growing Up: Navigating and Narrating Our World
    • Love and the Great Beyond
    • Ether Or: Our Future in the Digital World
    • Bravery and Bravado: A Closer Look at the Hero

    Grade 10

    • How Rebellion Shapes Us
    • Growing Up; Rehabilitation and the Search for Self
    • Censorship and Freedom of Speech
    • The Thin Line Between Humanity and Anarchy
    • Heroism and Courage

    Grade 11

    • The American Dream
    • Class Struggle and Socioeconomic Issues
    • Childhood/Loss of Innocence
    • Relationships in the Community

    Grade 12

    • Immigration and Minorities
    • Politics, War and Propaganda
    • Pop Culture and the Media
    • Role of Women in Society and Literature
    • Essays and Resumes


      • Grading Policy - See Board Policy (Percentages must be consistent across content area, must have consistent quantity of assignments/assessments per grading category)

      1. Grades are determined per the student IEP and Manville School District Grading Policies.
      2.  Students will receive numeric grades on report cards and progress reports.
      3. Assignments and work should always be on time.

      4. Late work will be accepted and graded as late (5 point deduction for each day)


      Class Participation       20%
      Tests                          30%
      Quizzes                      10%
      Homework/Classwork  10%             
      Writing/Projects          30%

      Final Grades

      Each marking period is worth 22.5% of your final grade.  It is important to do well every marking period.
      Final Exams are each worth 12% of your final grade. 
      Students must take and pass final exams. 
      Students who do not take exams will receive a 0 (zero). 
      Students MUST have a medical excuse to make up a missed exam.

      All ESSAY assignments are scored using the 6 point holistic writing rubric.

      All short-constructred response essays (1 paragraph) are scored using the 4 point holistic writing rubric. (BASED ON NJ HOLISTIC RUBRICS)

        • Homework 10% max
        • Absentee/Tardy Policy
        • Evaluation (types of assignments i.e., tests, quizzes, labs, projects, papers,)
        • Extra Credit Policy/Re-take (same across each course)


    • “Non- active students will not be offered opportunities for extra credit to improve their grades; extra credit options will be only available to students who complete their work on a timely basis."


      • Final Grade Calculation (HS only)
    • Acceptable Use Policy/Cell Phone Use Policy
      • Acceptable Use Policy:  Please refer to Board Policy 2363: Pupil use of Privately- Owned Technology.
        • Privately owned technology such as cell phones, tablets and laptops may only be used as part of the lesson plan with administrator or teacher approval.
    • Medical Exclusion (Physical Education Only - assignments required)