Grading Policy and Classroom Rules

  • Classroom Rules:

    1.  Come to class on time and immediately begin the "Do Now"

    2.  Come to class with all required materials

    3.  Raise your hand and participate

    4.  Respect yourself and others

    5.  Complete all class and homework assignments

    6.  Always try your best

    Grading Policy

         Test/Projects/Essays         40%
         Quizzes                              20%
         Classwork                          20%
         Class Participation            10%
         Homework                         10%

    Homework Policy

         All homework assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise noted.  Homework is always written on the front board in the classroom or can be found on my website.  Students who do not hand in their homework on time (except in the case of an absence or emergency) will be given lunch detention or will be expected to stay after school in order to complete the missing assignment.  Students who are absent the day an assignment is issued will be given an extra day to complete the assignment.  Weekly homework rewards will be given to students.

    Homework Assignment Pads

      Students will be required to bring their homework assignment pad to class each day.  At the end of each class, I will ensure that each student's homework assignment has been recorded by writing my initals next to that evening's assignment.  Parents will be notified of incomplete homwork assignments by a written note in the assignment pad.  If incomplete homework continues to be a problem, I will notify parents by phone or via email if preferred. 


    1.  Participate!!!  Always be respectful towards others during discussions.
    2.  Ask questions!!!  If you do not understand something, just ask.
    3.  Do your homework!!!  Weekly rewards will be given to those who complete all assignments.
    4.  Hand assignments in on time!!!
    5.  Extra help is always available!!!  You may come to me at any time.  I will always provide extra help.  
    6.  Treat everyone with respect!!!
    7.  Complete all classroom assignments to the best of your ability!!!
    8.  Come to class on time and begin working on the "Do Now" immediately!!!
    9.  Keep working until I dismiss you (not the bell)!!!
    10.  Try your very best and have fun!!!

    Have a wonderful school year!!!  I am looking forward to being your teacher!!!