Mr. Petrone's PE Grading System

  • 5 Point Policy

    The five point policy will be recorded every day. A student can potentially score 5 points per day if they fulfill each of the following requirements.  If a requirement is not fulfilled the student will not earn a point for the day and an explanation will be left in the comments section of their gradebook.

    1. The student is wearing proper clothing and footwear. (Clothes that allow the student to move and be active safely)
    2. The student actively participates in the warm up.
    3. The student actively participates in the day’s activity.
    4. The student is treating others with respect. (behavior)
    5. The student demonstrates an understanding or willingness to learn the skill or activity of the day.


    If there are any questions about grading policy please ask your PE teacher!


    PE Syllabus