• 2022-23 Social Studies/Civics Units

    Introduction Unit: Five Themes of Geography/Map Skills
    Create a better understanding of historical events by using key geographic terminology and map skills. Also, build knowledge in modern geography to gain 21st century life skills.  

    Unit 1: Colonization and Revolutions
    North American Colonial societies adapted European governmental, economic, and cultural institutions and ideologies to meet their needs in the New World. Eventually, the war for independence occurred in America because of growing ideological, political, geographic, economic, and religious tensions, which originated from Britain’s centralization policies and practices.

    Unit 2: A New Nation and Civics in America
    The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights were designed to provide a framework for the American system of government, while also protecting individual rights. Debates about individual rights, states’ rights, and federal power shaped the development of the political institutions and practices of the new Republic.

    Unit 3: The Age of Expansion and Reform
    Multiple political, social, and economic factors caused American territorial expansion. The rapid expansion and transformation of the American economy contributed to regional tensions, social reform, political compromises, and an expansion of democratic practices.

    Unit 4: Division and Reunion 
    The Civil War was caused by ideological, economic, and political differences about the future course of the nation. In addition, there were extreme efforts to reunite the country through Reconstruction were contested, resisted, and had long-term consequences.