Physical Education General Procedures

  • Gymnasium Procedures

    • Entering the Gymnasium

      - Students may not enter the gymnasium until their teacher is present and has given them permission to enter.

      - Students will enter the gymnasium quietly and orderly.

      - Students will put down all of their belongings, change into their shoes if need be, and begin their warm up walking.

      - The activity and objective of the day will be posted on the white board as the students enter.+


      Exiting the Gymnasium

      - Students will be dismissed by the teacher. The bell does not dismiss the students.


      Bathroom Procedures

      - Students must ask the teacher before they leave the room to use the rest room

      - The school bathroom policy is also stated in the student handbook

      - When PE class is outside, students will use the outdoor restrooms only


      Late to Class

      - If a students is late to class they must have a pass from another teacher, the nurse, or an administrator. If their is no pass present the student will be marked tardy. If their is  persistent tardiness disciplinary action will ensue.


      Fire Drill Procedure

      - Directions for a fire drill will be posted on the wall of the gymnasium as well as the health class room. Students are required to follow the teachers instructions, calmly and quietly. The class will proceed together to the designated area outside of the school where they will await instructions from the teacher and administration.