• Syllabus


    Self-Contained classroom 

    Mrs. Shannon

    Rm. 106


    Instructional Goals:

    1. To achieve success in content area.
    2. To develop and reinforce study and organizational skills.
    3. To promote student responsibility and personal life skills.


    Organization of Instruction:

    (Homeroom is Community meeting)

    1. First ten minutes of class will be spent on “Do Now” a review of a skill learned the previous day and practiced during homework (also a homework check).
    2. Thirty –five minutes will be spent on content area: Teacher directed guidance and assistance.
    3. The last 5-10 minutes will be spent on a specific organizational skill.  Packing up, transitioning to new subject, clean-up, and writing down homework assignments.
    4. The individual needs and goals (personal and academic) of each student will be addressed and considered in all aspects of these courses.  Modifications will be made as necessary.


    Student Responsibilities

    1. Each student is responsible for bringing all necessary materials to class daily.  The student will be responsible for completing homework assignments. 

    2. Active participation in all activities is required.

    3. Each student is expected to use this time in class and the assistance to ensure his/her academic success.

    4. Each student is expected to behave in an appropriate manner and show consideration for each person in the classroom.



    1. Bring all necessary materials (pencil, textbook, notebook, ect.)
    2. Follow all instructions AT FIRST REQUEST.
    3. Be alert and attentive in class.
    4. Respect all teachers, students, and property.


    Consequences *if rules are not followed

    1. Warning
    2. Conference with teacher (student)
    3. Name on board/check
    4. check (call home) detention