• Choosing a Just-Right Book

    Choosing Books which are just right for you may take some practice. So here are some helpful hints to help you learn how to choose a book that is just right for you. 


    The word BLIPA is a mnemonic (memory tip) to help you choose interesting books.
    Each letter in the word stands for one step in the process of selecting a book. Put this into practice when you are browsing for a new book.

    B   Read the BLURB.

    L   Look at the LENGTH and the size of the print.

    I     Read a few pages to see if it INTERESTS you.

    P   Look at any PICTURES or illustrations.

    A ASK your Library Media Specialist, your
       Teacher, or a friend for help. 

    If you are still not sure, try the 
    Five Finger Rule.

    A good way for students to get a quick idea whether or not a book is right for their independent reading level is to use the Five Finger Rule.

    Five Finger Rule

    1.  Choose a book.

    2.  Open it anywhere.

    3.  Make a fist.

    4.  Start to read the page.

    5.  Put up a finger for each hard word.

       1 finger   =  too easy, try another book

    2-3 fingers =  just right, try another
            page to be sure

    4-5 fingers =  too hard

    Adapted from: News for Parents, International Reading Association, April 1992