• Kid Friendly All-Purpose Dictionaries



    These are several online dictionaries you may use when you need to know the definition of a word. Use the links below to find the meaning of words.



    • thefreedict.pngThe Free Dictionary    Once you enter your search term, The Free Dictionary offers results from the following sources: dictionary, thesaurus, medical dictionary, legal dictionary, financial dictionary, acronyms, idioms, encyclopedia articles, and encyclopedia articles.



    • factmonster.gif Fact Monster Dictionary    Just type in your word and let the Fact Monster Dictionary find the definition. Citations are provided under every definition.



    • wordsmythlogo.jpgWordsmyth    This dictionary includes pronunciation, animation, synonyms, photographs and etymology. You choose your search level: Beginner's, Children's, and Advanced. The Beginner's level is the most simple, focusing on a simple primary definition. Children's is slightly more complex with multiple simple definitions.




    Technology Related Dictionaries



    • TechTerms3.png    Free online dictionary of computer and technology terms.



    • Technology Buzz Words For Students    Easy to understand definitions written by a certified elementary school teacher, former computer programmer/systems analyst and mom.





    Visual Dictionaries



    • visuword_logo.png   Visuwords: Online Graphical Dictionary This website works as a dictionary and a thesaurus. Words are presented in the form of a bubble map in order to show the relationship between words.