• Mrs. Shannon's
     Homework Policy


    Why homework is assigned
            Homework is a valuable tool to ensure what is being taught at school is being used at home, independently.  The teacher teaches a concept and expects the student to demonstrate with guidance.  The student must demonstrate the concept by practicing at home independently.  Homework reinforces what is taught in school and serves as a tool.  It prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility and helps develop study habits.

    When homework will be assigned

            Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday and occasionally on Fridays.  It should only take students up to an hour to do.  (Not including studying for tests and doing projects.)  I will give students at least one week’s notice to study for all tests.  Spelling tests will be every Friday. 

    Student’s homework responsibilities
           I expect students to do their own work and only ask for help after they have given their best effort.  I expect it to be in their best handwriting and not sloppy.  I expect all assignments to be turned in on time.

    Teacher’s homework responsibilities
           All homework will be checked in the beginning of each class.  It’s important to give immediate consequence in order to establish consistent study habits.   I will reward those students who do their homework and call home if homework is not completed.

    Parent’s homework responsibilities
           Parents are a very essential part of a child’s success.  I ask that parents help make homework a positive experience and top priority.  Please provide your child with a well-lit, quiet homework environment, equipped with necessary supplies.  Also provide support, praise, and a daily set homework time and don’t allow students to avoid or make excuses.  Contact me as soon as there is a problem.


    If students do not complete homework
           If homework is not completed, I will ask parents to check and sign off in their child’s assignment pad each night.  Students may make-up homework but will receive one grade lower on the assignment for being a day late. If the student does not make up the assignment they will receive a zero.   If there is a legitimate reason why the assignment could not be completed in a timely fashion, please send in a note the day the assignment was due.
           Please read and discuss the homework policy with your child.