• URL Suffix List


    You can use the end, or suffix, of a domain name to help you judge the validity of the information and identify the potential bias of a website.


    Remember, this strategy is only a guideline. People may purchase domains that do not necessarily reflect their actual purpose.

    .com  -  Commercial Site (commercial sites may vary in their credibility)


    .gov  -  a U.S. government site


    .org  -  an organization, often a nonprofit site


    .edu  -  a school or university site in the United States (Determines whether the school source is K-12 or university and whether the page was written by a student or a scholar.)


    .ac  -  an educational institution, like .edu


    .mil  -  a U.S. military site


    .net  -  a networked service provider, an Internet administrative site


    .museum  -  a museum


    .name  -  an individual Internet user


    .biz  -  a business


    .info  -  a site with general information


    .pro  -  a site representing a professional


    .coop  -  a cooperative


    .store  -  a retail business


    .aero  -  a site from the aviation community


    .int  -  an international institution


    ~   -  (the tilde) a personal page

    Another way to establish the credibility of a site is to perform a Link Check.


    You use a search engine like AltaVista or Google to see which other sites have chosen to link to the site you are evaluating. In the search box, enter:  link:http://siteaddress.


    Domain Suffixes