Angela's Ashes Reading Packt

  • Reading Packet Angela’s Ashes

    Complete the following packet by January 2.  Most of the reading and questions are inclusive from the memoir’s beginning through chapter 13.  Answer the questions and complete the charts.  This will be graded as a test/project.


    Characterization is the personality a character displays; also the means by which a writer reveals personality.

    Frank’s Friends:

    Paddy Clohessy (Chapter 4-p.120; Chapter 6)

    Mikey Molloy  (Chapter 4 pp.114-117; Chapter 8, p. 189; Chapter 11, pp. 253-254)

    Peter Dooley (Chapter 8, pp  187 -189)

    Fintan Slattery (Chapter 6 pp. 155-160)

    Brendan Quigley (Chapter  4 p. 116; Chapter 5, pp 146-148)


    Answer the following questions on 2 of the characters and create a chart that describes 1 quality/trait of each character and supports it with a quote from the book.


    How does McCourt describe each of these boys?



    What influence do you believe these boys have on Frank?




    What purpose does each of these characters serve in the book? How do you know?





    Read chapters 9 and 10 and find at least two passages that reflect a change in tone from tragic to humorous or humorous to tragic (list page numbers).



    Read the following and answer the questions:


    In an old trunk, Frank discovers a red dress belonging to Angela from her New York days before she married Malachy McCourt. Inspired by the dress, he names his new football team "The Red Hearts of Limerick," and cuts out red hearts for the uniforms from the material. He also begins to examine some old papers in the trunk and comes across his parent's marriage certificate; thus he learns his parents were married for only six months when he was born. He believes this must be a miracle and that perhaps he is destined to become a saint (Chapter 11).


    What is the significance of the red ribbon/dress?(chapter 11)


    How does working make Frank feel? (chapter 11)


    Why is staying at Aunt Aggie’s so difficult for Frank? (Chapter 10)


    What is Christmas at the McCourt’s like?



    How does Frank react to Angela’s relationship with Laman Griffin?


    What does America offer to Frank?


    How does the church inspire and condemn Frank’s sexual awakening?


    Why is another door closed to Frank and how does Angela react to it?


    Why does Mr. O’Halloran want the boys to escape Ireland?