Christmas Carol

  • A Christmas Carol-Guided Notes

    Author Charles Dickens


    Time     1840’s    

    Place    London, England


    Famous words and phrases from the story


    1.  Scrooge                     a mean and miserly person

    2.  Bah! Humbug!           Nonsense, Used to express disgust

    3.  Merry Christmas!      phrase became popular because of the story

    4.  God Bless us Everyone!       Made famous by Tiny Tim    



    1.  Taking care of Mankind

    The Ghost of Marley’s says,

    “Business...Mankind was my business”.


    Scrooge thinks of business in terms of work and money

    Marley now sees that one's " business " is taking care of people Mankind is everyone's business.

    2.  The Poor

    Scrooge's says,

    • “that poor people should die and reduce the surplus population "
    • the surplus population is not just an idea but real people


    3.  Redemption

    Change is possible however set we are in our ways.

    Dickens imagines the most miserable and hard-hearted man he can (Scrooge), and shows how Scrooge can be reformed if he sees his responsibilities



    Ebenezer  Scrooge 

    • Cold, tight-fisted, greedy
    • Despises Christmas
    • Bah! Humbug!
    • Will he change before he dies?


    The Ghost of Jacob Marley 

    • Ebenezer Scrooge’s partner and only friend.
    • Died on Christmas Eve.
    • Seven years later his ghost visits Scrooge wearing chains
    • Tries to change Scrooge’s life


    The Ghost of Christmas Past

    • First ghost to visit Scrooge.
    • Reveals the past
    • Scrooge was innocent boy
    • Abused by his father
    • Abandoned at school during Christmas


    The Ghost of Christmas Present

    • Shows Scrooge many people celebrating Christmas
    • The Ghost of Christmas Present lives only 1 year.
    • He has 1842 brothers.
    • Story written in 1843, this ghost is the 1843rd Ghost of Christmas Present.
    • Always wears a green robe
    • Two children Want (girl) and Ignorance (boy)


    The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

    • Tall shadowy ghost
    • Looks like the Grim Reaper
    • Never speaks
    • Wears a robe, never see his face
    • Shows Scrooge the future where no one cares that Scrooge has died


    Silas Scrooge

    • Scrooge’s father
    • Abandoned Scrooge as a child
    • Hated Scrooge because his wife died giving birth to Ebenezer


    Fran "Fan" Scrooge

    • Scrooge’s sister
    • The only family member Scrooge loved
    • When she dies, he loses any love he had for people


    Fred Hollywell

    • Scrooge’s nephew
    • Only relative
    • Narrator of A Christmas Carol



    • Scrooge’s fiancée
    • She leaves Scrooge because he is cheap and a workaholic
    • She marries someone else and has a happy life


    Mr. Fezziwig

    • Scrooge’s boss
    • Very generous and happy man-Christmas Party for employees
    • Scrooge admired Fezziwig as his boss
    • Scrooge is the opposite of Fezziwig


    Bob Cratchit

    • Scrooge’s clerk
    • Symbolizes the working poor
    • 6 children

    • His son, Tiny Tim, is sick


    Tiny Tim

    • He is ill, uses a crutch
    • In the future he will die because his family is poor, Scrooge does not pay Bob enough money
    • “God Bless Us Everyone”



    1.  Cold, Winter Weather              used to describe Scrooge


    2.  The Chains                               Marley’s punishment after he dies


    3.  Want (girl)                                  poverty


    4.  Ignorance (boy)                       lack of education allows poverty to continue


    Author’s Purpose

    To make Christmas a time of giving to the poor-Christmas Spirit