• Invisible by Pete Hautman


    Narrator-First Person Narrative

    Douglas MacArthur Hanson, "Dougie"

    17 years old

    A troubled teenager

    Very intelligent, good at math

    Has a secret about "The Tuttle Place"


    Obsessed with:


    miniature railroad town called "Madham"

    building an 11 foot long railroad bridge out of matchsticks

    his best friend Andy Morrow

    Melissa Haverman

    the sigil


    Main Characters:


    Andy Morrow-Doug's best freind, very popular, football player, in the school play


    Melissa Haverman-a pretty and popular girl, Doug has a crush on her


    Andrea Hanson-Doug's mother, intelligent, designs crossword puzzles, believes Doug is "troubled"


    Mr. Hanson- Doug's fathe, a professor of economics, OCD, wears the same clothes every day, has a bad temper


    Dr. Ahlstrom- Doug's therapist