Grade 9 English Final Exam Study Guide




    Part 1: American Born Chinese


    Multiple Choice--10 questions (1 point each)

    1.What is the name of the character who is the “American Born Chinese”?

    Jin Wang


    2.What genre is American Born Chinese?

    Graphic novel, myth


    3.What is the theme of American Born Chinese?

    Search for Identity


    4. What is a parallel story line?

    Two or more story line in a book that come together at the end of the novel.


    5. Where is the Monkey King’s story set?

    Mythological, Flower Fruit Mountain, ancient times


    6. What happens to the Monkey King when he goes to the dinner party of the gods?

    Disrespected by the gods


    7.What happens to the Monkey King when he refuses to accept his heritage?

    He is trapped under a pile of rocks


    8.Where is Jin Wang’s story set?

    Modern day, California city


    9. Jin Wang hates being Chinese, so he transforms himself into what?

    An American boy, Danny


    10. At the end of the novel, the reader discovers that Chin-Kee is which character?

    The Monkey King


    Short Answer--10 points (2 questions, 5 points each)

    1.Define hyperbole and give an example of hyperbole from ABC.


    Chin-Kee was an exaggerated version of Chinese


    2. Define allusion and provide an example of allusion in ABC.

    A reference to something famous in literature, history or the media

    Birth of Jesus

    Mayflower Elementary School


    Vocabulary--10 questions (1 point each)


    Know the definitions of the following words:


                assimilate- to fit in


                deity- a god or goddess


                haggling- fighting, bargaining


                parable- a simple story teaches a lesson about a sophisticated idea


                tangible- real or actual, can be touched


                cudgel-a weapon, like a club


                forfeit- give up


                ignorance- unaware, do not understand


                prerequisite- required before hand


                vagrant- a person who wanders from place to place


    Part 2: The Five People You Meet in Heaven


    Multiple Choice--10 questions (1 point each)


    1.What is the genre of The Five People You Meet in Heaven?



    2. What is/are the theme(s) of Five People?

    Search for identity


    3.Where is the setting of Five People?

    Heaven, Ruby Pier, The Philipines/War


    4. How would you best describe the main character, Eddie?

    A man who was unsatisfied with his life, felt like a loser


    5. What is the author’s purpose in writing Five People?

    To show that every person’s life/job is meaningful


    6.What events occur on Eddie’s 83rd birthday?

    Eddie dies trying to save a little girl from a crashing ride, Freddie’s Free Fall


    7. What caused Eddie’s death?

    Killed by a falling ride cart


    8.How does Eddie feel when he first gets to Heaven?

    He feels like a young boy, physically wonderful


    9.  Why is Eddie unable to speak when he gets to Heaven?

    He must first listen and learn


    10. Eddie’s past birthdays are an example of what literary device?



    Symbolism and Lessons--15 points (pick 3 of 5 questions, 5 points each)


    Know each person Eddie meets in Heaven, the lesson each character teaches Eddie, what Ruby Pier symbolizes to that character, and what Heaven is for that character.



    Pier Symbolizes

    Character’s Heaven

    Blue Man





    We are all connected, strangers are family you don’t know yet


    Ruby Pier






    Sacrifice is something to aspire to

    Keeping a Promise

    World without war






    Forgiveness, hatred hurts you more than the person you hate


    A diner in the snowy mountains

    (opposite of Ruby Pier)






    Love never dies



    Weddings, where anything is possible b/c of love






    Everyone is important


    A river with children playing

    Vocabulary--10 questions (1 point each)


    Know the definitions of the following words:


                acceptance-a feeling of love and belonging


                bile-green liquid from the liver used in digestion


                classified-top secret


                combustion-to catch on fire or explode


                commodity-something that can be bought or sold


                conscious-awake and aware


                enlist-volunteer for military service


                extinguish-to put out a fire or light


                fatigues-a military uniform




    Part 3: Anthem


    Multiple Choice--5 questions (1 point each)


    1.What genre is Anthem?

    Fiction, dystopian novel


    2. What is the theme of Anthem?



    3. Where does MOST of the setting of Anthem take place?

    “The City”


    4. How would you best describe the main character Equality?

    Intelligent, a strong individual, curious


    5. What are Equality and Liberty’s assigned jobs in the Anthem society?

    Equality-street sweeper



    Short Answer--15 questions (1 point each)


    1.Define manuscript in terms of Anthem.

    A book from the Unmentionable Times, not allowed


    2. What nickname does Equality give Liberty?

    The Golden One


    3. What is the purpose for the Time of Mating?

    To increase the population, make more workers


    4. What is Equality happy to find out that Liberty is only 17?

    He loves her, she is still a virgin, has not been to the time of mating


    5. How was the “Transgressor” punished for his crime?

    He was executed, burned at the stake


    6. Why does Liberty call Equality “Unconquered”?

    He has not given up his individuality; he is undefeated by society’s rules


    7. What does Equality invent and build?

    A lightbox (light blub)


    8. How is Equality punished for coming home late from the tunnel?

    Sent to jail and whipped


    9. What does the World Council want to do with Equality’s invention?

    Destroy it


    10. Where does Equality run and hide after he escapes from the World Council of Scholars?

    The uncharted forest


    11. How does Equality act his first morning in the Uncharted Forest?

    Childlike, running and jumping and playing, carefree


    12. What amazing discovery does Equality make in the forest stream?

    His own reflection, 1st time he sees his own face


    13. What 3 unbelievable things Equality and Golden One find in a house in the forest. Why are these items important?

    Items from the Unmentionable Times

    Colorful clothes






    14. What new names do Equality and the Golden One give each other? What literary device is used here?

    Prometheus-stole fire (light) from the gods

    Gaea-mythology, means mother of the Earth


    15. Why do their new names fit?

    Vocabulary--10 questions (1 point each)


    Know the definitions of the following words:


                anthem- a patriotic song or book


                apocalypse-a disaster, end of the world


                post-apocalyptic- the time after a disaster


                council-a group of people who make decisions


                dystopia- “Not a good place”


                eugenics- breeding, genetics, sterilization


                individualism- only one, singular


                pledge- an oath or promise


                preference- to like someone or something


                scholars- experts, study 1 thing


                transgression- a sin or crime


                uncharted- unexplored


                utopian- a perfect place


                vocation- job or occupations


                manuscript- books



    Part 4: The Hunger Games


    Sentence Complete--10 fill-in-the-blanks (1 point each)


    1. When is The Hunger Games set?

    Post-apocalyptic world in the future


    2. Where is The Hunger Games set--country?

    United States,

    3. Where is The Hunger Games set--continent?

    North America

    4. How many districts are there?

    13 districts/13 colonies


    5. What do the districts surround?

    The Capitol


    6. The Capitol is surrounded by what former mountain range?

    Rocky Mountains


    7. What former mountain range encompasses Katniss’s district?

    Appalachian Mountains (West Virginia)


    8. What is the primary product of Katniss’s district?



    9. What is the name of Katniss’s neighborhood?

    The Seam


    10. Where does Katniss sell and exchange goods?

    The Hob


    Poetic Devices--10 questions (1 point each)


    Review your poetic devices packet from The Hunger Games. Know how to identify the following literary devices when given an example:


                Alliteration-repetition of consonant sounds

                Allusion-reference to something famous


                Imagery-appeals to the 5 senses


                Metaphor-compare to unlike things

                Simile-compare to things using words like, as, than


    Short Answer--10 points (5 points each)


    Compare and contrast life in the Capitol to life in the Districts.


    The Capitol-the audience for the Games

    rich, shallow, spoiled, no concerns, fashion important


    Districts- the tributes

    poor, starving, struggle to survive


    Choose one theme from The Hunger Games. Explain how that theme is illustrated through characters and plot.



    Vocabulary--10 questions (1 point each)


    Know the definitions of the following words:


                adversaries-opponents in a fight or contest


                apothecary-a druggist or healer who uses plants


                cornucopia-a horn shaped filled with food/supplies




                emaciated-thin due to starvation


                ominous-evil or threatening


                pariah-an outcast


                reaping-gather and harvest


                repentance-deep sorrow


                revolution-overthrow the government


                tessera-an allowance of food


                totalitarian government-a dictatorship, a government that does not allow different opinions,


                treason-to betray the government


                tributes-contestants in Hunger Games (payment from each district)


    Part 5: The Odyssey


    Multiple Choice--5 questions (1 point each)


    1. Who wrote The Odyssey and The Iliad?   



    2. When were The Odyssey and The Iliad written?  

    Thousands of years ago, BC


    3. What genre is The Odyssey?

    Greek Mythology, Hero’s Tale


    4. Why was the Trojan War fought?

    Over money, trades routes in the Med. Sea


    5. What happens when Odysseus is at war and trying to return home from his journey?


    Odysseus angers the gods. He is punished and it takes him 20 years to get  home.

    10 years war—10 year journey

    Literary Devices--know the definition or examples of each--10 points (1 point each)


    allusion- reference to something famous


    characteristics of Odysseus-


    noble birth male           intelligent            brave          actions effect his people

    Curious                          Big Ego                reckless


    epic hero-

    well-known    legendary       goals               virtues                        one nation


    epic simile- a long comparison found in an epic story


    epic story- long story about a hero


    epithet- a description of a character    Odysseus, son of Laertes, victor of Cyclops


    fate- life is predetermined by the gods or the stars


    in media res- starts in the middle of the story


    muses- goddesses, inspiration, Athena inspires Odysseus


    universal themes in The Odyssey-

    Overcoming Obstacles

    An adventure story


    Figurative Language--10 questions (1 point each)

    Identify literary devices being used when given a passage from The Odyssey.  Literary devices used include:


                Allusion-sirens in the Odyssey and Pirates of the Caribbean


                epic simile long, long, long comparison-driving the tree trunk into Cyclops’ eye

    “I drove my weight on it from above and bored it home like a shipwright bores his beam with a shipwright's drill that men below, whipping the strap back and forth, whirl and the drill keeps twisting, never stopping --So we seized our stake with it fiery tip and bored it round and round in the giant's eye."


                Epithet-a nickname or despcription used with the character’s name

    Aeolus, king of the wind,…

    Polyphemus, the one-eyed giant,

    Polyphemus, son of Poseidon,

    Polyphemus, the Cyclops,

    Scylla, the six-headed sea monster,

    Charybdis, the whirlpool,

    Odysseus, son of Laertes




                metaphor-comparison between 2 unlike things

    “For nine years we wove a web of disaster”

    (comparing the 9 unsuccesful years of battle to a spider’s web)


                personification-giving humans qualities to an object, especially in nature


    “When Dawn came and with her crimson streamers lit the sky”

    (dawn is when the sun comes up, we can tell it is personified b/c it is also capitalized like a person’s name)


    Open-ended Question (10 points)


    Explain how the theme that “People must overcome obstacles and challenges in their journey through life to reach their goals, happiness, and success” is illustrated in The Odyssey.


    Odysseus has angered the god Poseidon

    Poseidon curses his journey home

    Takes 10 years

    Encounters many obstacles

                The sirens


                Scylla and Charybdis

                The Lotus Eaters

    Each time Odysseus uses him BRAIN to figure out a way around the obstacle

    Finally gets home to his wife, Penelope, and son Telemachus


    Part 6: Romeo and Juliet


    True or False--5 questions (5 points)


    1.What is the literary genre of Romeo and Juliet?     Drama/Play a TRAGEDY


    1. What is the setting of Baz Lurhmann’s film, Romeo and Juliet?

    Modern day, Verona Beach in California



    3. What is the definition of “feud”?

    A long, long, never-ending fight between 2 families

    4. What is the definition of “prologue”?

    Beginning of a story, tells the audience the ending!

    Must read the story to find out the HOWS and WHYs

    5. What is William Shakespeare most known for?

    Greatest author of the English language

    Wrote many plays

    Wrote hundreds of poem

    Created/invented hundreds of words and sayings in the English language.


    Quote Identification--15 points (Pick 3 of 5 to answer, 5 points each)


    Identify which character said each quote, the time in the film quote was said, and what the quote means.


    1.”O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?  Juliet on the balcony

    Deny thy father and refuse thy name:

    Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love

    And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”





    2. “That this alliance may so happy prove                  Father Lawrence

    To turn your households’ rancour to pure love.”






    3. “A plague on both your houses!”                             Mercutio





    4. “O, I am fortune’s fool!”                                          Romeo




    5. “Peace? I hate the word as I hate hell and all Montagues.”           Tybalt


    Open-ended Question (10 points)


    Explain how one of the devices below is illustrated in Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet.


                -religious symbolism

    Shots of the setting of Verona show religious statues and crosses

    Juliet’s death, lined with crosses

                -water motif

    Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time through an aquarium-ROMANTIC

    They fall into the pool drowning in their love

                -foil characters

    Tybalt (aggressive, looking for a fight) Romeo (a romantic, looking for love)

                -theme of impetuous (impulsive) love           

    Romeo is devastated when Rosaline breaks up with him

    Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight

    Romeo and Juliet secretly marry even though they know their families are enemies

    Romeo and Juliet commit suicide b/c they cannot be together




    Part 7: Looking for Alaska


    Vocabulary--10 points (1 point each)


                Adonis-from Greek mythology, a perfect man


                almanac-a book printed every year of facts, the weather


                contraband-illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography)


                denial-refuse to accept the truth (first stage of grief in death and dying)


                generic-a no name product, no trademark


                gratuitous-unnecessary, not needed


                hazing-harass or embarrass new members


                impulsive-acting before you think


                intoxicated-lose control of mind and body due to alcohol or drugs


                mortician-funeral director, undertaker



    Open-ended Question--10 points

    Explain how Alaska acquired her unusual and unique first name.

    Ordinary name

    Mary Frances Young

    Her parents, hippies

    7th birthday present

    Choose her own name

    Globe, chose Alaska

    Big and far away

    Alaska. Alyeska, literally means “that which the sea breaks against”
    She loved that