• /images/user/11322/10934396/flytrap_butter.gif Lab Safety



    All students, along with their parent/legal guardian, are required to read and sign a lab safety contract.  Students must submit a signed contract to participate in lab activities.



    • No loose clothing, open-toed shoes.
    • Tie back hair
    • Keep hands away from mouth
    • Goggles always unless otherwise specified
    • Clean work station.  No pocketbooks/backpacks on lab tables. 
    • No eating, chewing gum, drinking.
    • No flammable products
    • No joking around
    • Let me know about allergies
    • When using chemicals, dispense only what you need.
    • Never pour anything down the drain unless you get the OK
    • Do not begin activities unless instructed first
    • Stay in your work area
    • Please ask for instruction if you are unsure.
    • ALWAYS point containers away from yourself and away from classmates
    • Do not consume anything you use or find in lab
    • Never inhale chemicals directly.  Always hold the container at a distance and fan vapors towards you.
    • Never remove materials from the lab


    • Clean up your work area when finished –
    •   Turn off flame/heat
    •   Wash/dry table and around sink
    •   Disconnect electrical devices and put away
    •   Dispose of materials as directed
    •   WASH hands thoroughly before removing your goggles




    Mishaps – Inform the teacher ALWAYS

              in the event of the following:

              fire, spills, broken glass, bodily injuries,      burns, electric shock.

    • In most cases I will clean up spills and broken glass.
    • Know the location of: fire extinguisher, first aid kit, shower, eye wash. 
    • Emergency shower and eye wash can be used without permission in case of emergency, ONLY AFTER you know how each works.
    • If a chemical comes in contact with your eyes or skin, notify me, flush your eyes or the affected area with water.  Pass to nurse if necessary.
    • Never practice first aid procedures unless you are certified.