• Geometry/Geometry Honors
    Class Syllabus and Expectations

    Graduation Requirement, 5 credits
    Full year course

    Ms. Guydos
    Website: https://www.manvilleschools.org/domain/1780

    Grade Levels: 9-12

    Number of Periods: One period per day for one year

    Course Description:  This course formalizes and extends students’ geometric experiences from the middle school grades.  Students explore more complex geometric situations and deepen their explanations of geometric relationships moving toward formal mathematical arguments.  Students will apply their knowledge of two dimensional shapes to consider the shapes of cross-sections and the result of rotating a two-dimensional solid about a line, use a rectangular coordinate system to verify geometric relationships, including properties of special triangles and quadrilaterals and slope of parallel and perpendicular lines, which relates back to the work done in Algebra I and continue their study of quadratics connecting the geometric and algebraic definitions of the parabola.  Honors courses provide a deeper and more extensive depth of content.


    Course Units:

    Textbook: Holt McDougal Geometry


    Throughout the year we will explore:

    • Unit 1: Congruence, Proof, and Constructions
    • Unit 2: Similarity, Proof, and Trigonometry
    • Unit 3: Extending to Three Dimensions
    • Unit 4: Connecting Algebra and Geometry through Coordinates
    • Unit 5: Circles With and Without Coordinates
    • Unit 6: Applications of Probability

    Grading Policy: The grading policy is as follows.  Students will receive a numerical grade on their report cards.  

    Homework    10%
    Assessments 60% (Tests/Quizzes/Performance Assessments/Projects)
    Class Work    30%