• Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II and Prob & Stat Classes 

    Break Down of the Marking Period Grade 

    Tests/Quizzes/Performance Assessments                60%
    Homework                                                            10%
    Class Participation                                                 30%

    Final Course Average

    • Marking Period 1 = 22%
    • Marking Period 2 = 22%
    • Marking Period 3 = 22%
    • Marking Period 4 = 22%
    • Final Exam = 12%


    Tests will be given at the end of each chapter.  At least one day of review will be provided prior to each test.  Students will be given notice of the test date in advance. 


    Quizzes will be given once a week or as needed.  Quizzes are not always announced.  There may be warm up quizzes and notebook quizzes as well. 


    Performance Assessments

    Performance Assessments will be given during or at the end of each unit.  They can take a variety of forms.



    Homework will be given on a nightly basis.  Homework will be checked in class.  You may receive half credit for any missed assignment received no later than one day after the due date.

    Homework is worth 10% of the overall grade for each marking period.  Late work is accepted one day after the due date for half credit.

    Students are to make up all homework which was assigned during an absence. Students who are ill are entitled to full credit for make-up work. Generally, students are given the same number of days that they were absent to make up the work missed.


    Classroom Participation

    There will be random checks on being prepared for class which will be worth a total of four points-covered textbook (2pts), notebook (1pt), pencil (1 pt). Students also will be graded on their participation in class work and class activities.