Grading Policy


    Grade Book


    Math categories: 

         *Assessments (tests)-25%


         *Fact Drills-10%

         *Participation and Classwork (math journal and math talk)-40%

         * Homework-10%





       *Assessments/Quizzes 30%

       *Participation/Classwork/Labs 30%

       *Projects and presentations 30%

       *Homework  10%


    Social Studies:

       *Assessments/Quizzes 30%

       *Participation/Classwork/Labs 30%

       *Projects and presentations 30%

       *Homework  10%

    Students will be graded using the following criteria:

    Attendance         - Arriving at school on time and attending the classes.
    Participation       - Joining in the different activities, responding in journals and exit tickets, and trying hard by asking questions and giving answers.
    Classwork           - Turning work in on time, neat, complete and correct.
    Test and Quizzes -  Mastering the skill or topic.
    Homework          - Handing it in on time and in the correct place. Completing it neatly, and correctly. Math activities and special projects (especially in science and social studies) are also considered homework and should be handed in on time.   (For math, most days the students will have the option to complete the assignments on-line)
    Behavior              - Making good choices, respecting others and school property, talking at the appropriate time, paying attention to what is being taught, completing tasks within the given amount of time and working to the best of his/her ability.


    In-Class Work


    Students will be given various projects and assignments in all the subject areas.  Grading will be based on whether or not students complete the assignment in a timely manner if they complete the assignment correctly, and if they complete the assignment neatly with appropriate effort.

    Additional assessment strategies such as rubrics, observations, checklist, self-checks, performance assessment, and peer/teacher mini-conferences will be utilized.


    If students do not finish their work in class, it may be sent home as homework and must be returned the following day.   


    Tests and Quizzes

    Tests and quizzes may be given in Math and Science.  I may also adapt tests and quizzes based on the many learning styles in the class. 

    Grades are available on Genesis, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me or call.

    Formal report cards are online at the end of each marking period.  Students in 3rd Grade receive grades calculated from the grade book.