• Grading Policy- The grading policy is as follows. Students will receive a numerical grade on their report cards.


    97-100             A+

    94-96               A

    90-93               A- 

    87-89               B+ 

    84-86               B

    80-83               B-

    77-79               C+

    74-76               C 

    70-73               C-

    68-69               D+

    66-67               D 

    65                    D-

    64 or below     F



    Grading Policy (continued)

    1. Performance/Summative Assessments (Tests/Projects) will make up 40% of the grade.
    2. Quizzes will make up 25% of the grade.

    3. Notebook/Class Participation will make up 25% of the grade

    4. Homework will make up 10% of the grade.


    * Extra help is available before or after school hours if needed. Please let me know in advance if you will need extra help so we can schedule accordingly.