• Homework

    1. Homework will make up 10% of your grade and it will be assigned often.
    2. Homework will always be posted on the Promethean Board in the classroom. Also, homework will always be posted on my website.

    3. All homework must be completed on time for full credit. However, homework will be accepted one day late for half credit only. Any assignment handed in after two days will not receive credit.

    4. If an assignment is missed due to an absence, you must see me immediately upon your return to class. Students who are absent on the day homework is assigned will have one additional day to complete the assignment when they return.


    Extra Help
    Extra help is available. Please let me know in advance if you will need extra help so we can schedule accordingly.

    Extra Credit Policy/Re-take Policy
    “Non- active students will not be offered opportunities for extra credit to improve their grades; extra credit options will be only available to students who complete their work on a timely basis.