• Homework Policy

    Homework is an essential part of the learning of mathematics.  For that reason, students will receive homework assignments almost every night.  Homework provides students with practice to reinforce the material covered in the classroom. 

    The goal of your current math course, and of all math courses, is to have you understand what you are doing.  Understanding takes practice.  Understanding means you can do something on your own and explain to someone else how to do it.  You can only achieve understanding over time.  You must work at something consistently over a period of time to begin to understand it.  (You can’t learn to become a carpenter simply by watching someone else swing a hammer and hit a nail; you must swing the hammer yourself and hit a lot of nails yourself.  Math is very similar.)  

    Since homework is important, I do check it to see that it is completed and on-time.  You may receive half credit for any missed assignment received no later than one day after the due date.  Students who are absent should bring their homework with them when they return to school.  

    Per Manville Board of Education policy, the weighting of homework as a part of a student's overall grade is standardized.  Homework will count as ten percent (10%) of a student's report card grade for each marking period.