Homework is IMPORTANT

  • Reading is the single most important activity your child can do on a daily basis...

    1) Increase fluency (rate/speed of reading)

    2) Increase stamina (length of time a child can sit and read without losing focus)

    3) Build comprehension (understanding of what is read)

    4) Cause enjoyment (reading for pleasure has unimaginable benefits for anyone, child or adult)


    All students have the same homework for Language arts.

    • 20 minutes of daily reading including weekends
    • -An adult guardian signs off in the agenda

        Always remember that homework is an important part of your child's day.  It is meant to review and practice the concepts learned that day in school or early during the week.  It can also help to prepare them for upcoming lessons and projects. 

       A regular routine of homework will help to instill better study and work habits. It is important to remember that it may help your child to develop personal time management skills as well as independence.  We hope to have them develop pride in their work and carry this pride over into everything they do.  

          ************Remember that if you write a note because the homework is not complete it is acceptable, but no note, no excuse.  Thank you for you support.



      If no homework is given the computer websites are great places to go and explore.  The Manville Library is a great place as well.  Let's have a great year together!