• Mrs. Puzio-Raymondi's Homework Policy

    Why I assign homework: I believe homework is important because it is a useful tool to provide reinforcement of the day's lesson. It provides practice from previously taught concepts, enrichment and is also an assessment for the teacher. Also, homework teaches the students to be organized and responsible. Students should learn to become independent individually and make certain that they have all the required materials and assignments that they were given.

    When homework will be assigned: Homework will be assigned Monday through Friday. Assignments should take no longer than  20 mintues to complete. Students will be responsible to complete Spelling homework most nights and Math homework every night. Students will also be required to read 15 minutes a night. Spelling tests will also be given every Friday. Please be sure to study Thursday night. Spelling words are always posted on the website.

    Student’s homework responsibility: I expect students to complete their homework on time. They must put forth their best effort. Homework needs to be completed neatly. If perchance, the student is absent, they will have to make-up the missing assignments.

    Teacher’s homework responsibility
    : I will keep a record of homework each day. I will go over or collect the homework each day. I will offer positive incentives for those who complete homework on time.

    Parent’s homework responsibility
    : I would like parents to make homework a top priority. Also, parents should provide time and a quiet place to complete homework. They should be supportive and not let their child adhere to their responsibilities. If a child isn’t completing homework, parents should contact me!

    If students do not complete homework
    : I will ask that the parents sign their planner each night. The students will receive a "Missing Homework" notification if homework is not completed.  Students will also lose one point off their final average in that subject. If a problem continues after the third time, the student will begin to lose two points off the final average. All incomplete homework will need to be made-up the following night! I will follow up with a phone call home or a note home. If the problem persists, the student will complete their homework in after school detention.