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  • Manville High School Concert Band

    Joseph Espineira, Director

     Welcome to the Manville High School Band!  We are dedicated to nourishing, challenging, and enriching our students through the love of music.  This is an exciting year for the program as it continues to expand and grow.  It cannot be done without the collective support and effort of a superior student, parent, and community body.  It is up to you to keep it alive!  Thank you!

    Course Syllabus



    To master and perform band literature, covering diverse and varied genres and cultures.  Within that, improve and expand knowledge and fluency of band and instrumental technique, instrument care, sight-reading, terminology, and music history.

    Approach to Study:

    This is not a class.  It is an ensemble.  The inherent difference is that we work together, not just individually.  To work as a successful ensemble, the following should be exhibited on a daily basis:

    Working as a team-a community of support and encouragement

    Preparation-having all necessary materials on hand: Including but not limited to…

    Instrument, folder, music, pencil, attire, presence, and most importantly, the right mentality to perform!

    Participation- of all the factors, participation is crucial!  Progress and refinement are dependent upon this, and thus carries the greatest weight.  Please see the grading policy on the subsequent pages.

    Focus- being committed to the process of music making and being a musician turns a random group into a cooperative and refined ensemble.

    Passion and Dedication- many things that occur in performing have nothing to do with pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and breathing.

    Enjoy your ability to make music as part of your day. Music is woven into our lives - you can have fun while working….it does exist!

    Infusing these attributes will help create the greatest quality product and ensemble.  This is YOUR ensemble, and you should take OWNERSHIP of it!

    Office Hours:

    I am available during lunchtime, before school, after school, and by appointment.  Please do not hesitate to stop by if you have any questions.  I am also reachable via e-mail at

    Equipment and Music

    You are responsible for any equipment and music issued to you.  Damage to loaned materials may require financial reimbursement to the department.  Outstanding financial obligations will result administrative consequences. 

    All students are required to have their own textbook, music (to be distributed in class), instrument, valve oil, etc.

    Concert Policies

    Band is a performance-based class. The culmination of your hard work and dedication occurs during our concerts.  During the course of the school year, we will be responsible for having after school dress rehearsals and performing in several concerts. 

    ***Attendance at these after school rehearsals and performances is mandatory.  The music department will be sending home notices of concerts well in advance. The performance is the equivalent of a one-time group project.  There are no comparable alternatives to a concert performance for a grade.  Students are required to have full concert attire in order to perform and therefore receive credit.   There are no excuses permitted except for death in the family or a serious medical situation.  Work, doctor appointments, and sports conflicts are not excused absences.  The nights of concerts are part of this academic course. Please plan accordingly.*** 

    Concert Attire:

    Boys: Tuxedos will be distributed by the choir parents, you will be responsible for providing a tux shirt or white dress shirt, black socks, black shoes.

    Girls: You will be receiving an order form from the school.  You are responsible for black flat shoes   

    There will be no exceptions to concert attire.  Any student not in proper concert attire will not be permitted to perform, which may result in a failing grade for the quarter.


    This Band program is at the center of growth in the district’s Music Program.  Therefore, be an advocate of the program.  Spread the word! Band is a volunteer-based program.  We rely on interest in music to keep the program healthy.  Your peers and colleagues are not nearly as interested in how the director feels about the program as much as how the students feel about being successful choir members here at Manville High School! Tell them! You would not be here if someone did not make a positive impact on you musically in the past!

    Google Classroom:

    Google Classroom is an excellent communication tool where you can find schedules, calendars, announcements, reference recordings, and discussions.  Please find our Google Classroom for MHS Concert Band using the code 74hzo2e.

    Discipline Policy:

    It is crucial that we work together as a team.  However if individuals refuse to participate, disrupt class, or generally hinder the learning and growth of music in the classroom, disciplinary measures will be taken. 

    Please refer to the Manville School District Student Code of Conduct for a breakdown of student offenses.

    In addition to the Code of Conduct, I will not tolerate the following list, which includes but is not limited to:

    Inappropriate language

    Eating or drinking in the classroom

    Defacing or damaging school property

    Stealing or damaging other people’s property

    Inappropriate use of technology including cell phones, iPods, or video games            (see cell phone policy)

    Inappropriate use of school equipment

    Restroom Policy:

    The restrooms that we have in our room is for emergency use only.  Please take care of all restroom visits before coming into the class.

    Cell Phone Policy:

    The only reasonable use for cell phones is for using a tuner application.  Inappropriate cell phone use will be dealt with as follows…

    1) Verbal warning

    2) Confiscation of cell phone and given to the administration

    Grading Policy:

    Classwork- 30%

    This grade includes informal assessments during class time, behavior, preparation, and overall improvement from class to class.


    This grade includes formal and informal assessment during class time, recording assignments, and playing assessments.

    Concert Attendance-50%

    This grade includes your attendance and performance at all of our concerts, concert dress rehearsals, and festivals. 

    In Summary:

    Music is a vital part of our inner and whole self, and choir is an opportunity to actively include that nourishment in daily life at Manville High School.  Your dedication and aspiration to make art are what make the program great!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  This is your ensemble, your community, and your experience.  I am excited and looking forward to working with you and anticipate a very rewarding year!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Joseph Espineira, Music Teacher

    Manville High School

    410 Brooks Blvd

    Manville, NJ 08835