MHS Theater Arts



    Teacher: Joseph Espineira Classroom: 46 and Manville High School auditorium

    Contact Information:


    Welcome to Theatre Arts 1! In this class you will experience many different aspects of theatre. Our goal is to improve your performance level, your knowledge of theatre, and, most importantly, your self-confidence. Below is a description of the class, as well as information on grading and other important details.


    Class description and textbook:

    Theatre 1 covers many aspects of theatre. You will study acting theory and improve your acting skills, using improvisation as well as memorized, prepared scenes. You will also study theatre history, technical theatre, and some musical theatre, film, and television. You will also learn how to be an appropriate audience, and critique other’s performances and productions.


    There is an assigned book, Theater Arts in Action for which you will receive the text. You will perform many scenes, some of which you will have to find on your own, and all of which you will have to photocopy.


    Theatre 1 is aligned to the state standards for Theatre Arts.


    It is very important that you understand that this class requires bookwork as well as memorization, rehearsal, and PERFORMANCE!



    I grade on a point system. Your grade will be based on many aspects of Theatre. Some of the major aspects are as follows: Preparation, rehearsal, and memorization, performance, technical theatre work, improvisation, audience behavior, quizzes, tests, writing, book work, notes, projects, play critiques, attendance, and participation. Please also refer to the attached rubric for further information.


    A student can fail the class by having more than sixteen (16) unexcused absences.


    The grading system is as follows:  90 – 100% A  

                                                                80 – 89%   B                                                  

                                                                70 – 79 % C                          

                                                                60 – 69%   D

                                                                0 – 59%     F  

    Absences and Making up work:

    It is very important for you to be here for class! You will often have classmates that are counting on you to rehearse scenes or work on other group projects. You MUST be in class on the day of your dress rehearsal and performance! If you are absent on either of these days, YOU WILL LOSE A LETTER GRADE from your rehearsal or performance. If you have an emergency and need to be excused, you or your parent must call or email me before your class period starts, and the absence must be cleared through the attendance office.


    Class Expectations: 1. Show respect for EVERYONE. 2. Come on time, prepared and ready to work. 3. NO food, drink or gum. 4. If it’s not yours, DON’T TOUCH IT! 5. No profanity 6. Follow all school rules. 7. NO CELL PHONES, you will receive one warning before the phone is confiscated and turned into the main office.

    Consequences: (These may not happen in this order) 1. Warning/counseling 2. Parent Contact

    1. Referral to office 4. Class suspension 5. Isolation work





    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    I am looking forward to working with your child in Theatre Arts this year. There are a few things that I want to make you aware of as the year begins.


    Please make sure to read the Theatre Arts Class Syllabus, and to sign the attached form.


    All of my Theatre Arts students are required to be in class on the day of scheduled dress rehearsals or performances. Students will know approximately one week in advance which days these are. If they already have appointments, etc. scheduled during the performance week, it is up to the student to inform me, and work with me to schedule the performance on a day that they will be in class. If the student misses class on a performance day, they will lose a grade from their performance. If there is an emergency and the student absolutely cannot attend class on the scheduled performance day, you or your student must call or email me before their class starts to be excused, and it must be excused by the attendance office. You can email me at


    One other requirement in my class is that each student attends one play each semester, and completes a critique. The play needs to be high school, college, community, or professional. Some larger scale church productions are acceptable as well. Sorry, their little brother or sister’s 2’nd grade class play won’t work! We do have one production each semester in Manville, which would fulfill their requirement. I encourage them to attend these plays to support our program, and I offer extra credit for their attendance as well. The productions will be in late November and in April, and I will give the students details as the production approaches. If finances are an issue, please have the student see me, and we will make arrangements.


    If your child in involved in a production outside of school, have them tell me! I do give extra credit for any involvement in theatre outside of class.


    There will be times that your child will be asked to provide scenes, photocopies, props, costumes, etc. for their performance. I do not expect large amounts of money to be spent on any of this! Most props or costumes that are needed can usually be found in grandparents’, parents’, or friend’s closets, or at a thrift store. We also have numerous supplies here, and I will be happy to check out to them anything that we have and are not currently using in our production.


    You are welcome to attend your child’s performances! Simply ask them to let me know that you will be coming, and check in at the office as a visitor.


    I look forward to a great year!



    Joseph Espineira

    Music and Theater Arts Teacher

    Manville Public Schools