• Sixth Grade Math: Class Syllabus and Expectations

    Ms. Pisano

    Mathematics - 6th Grade

    ABIS Room 104

    Email: jpisano@manvillesd.org

    Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

                 Welcome to sixth grade and the 2020-2021 school year.  Our vision at ABIS for the math curriculum is that each student will experience success in basic mathematics and higher level thinking through active hands-on learning, problem solving strategies, and appropriate tools and technology.

                Please review the following information, then sign and return the second page to me.


    Grade Levels:

    Sixth Grade

    Number of Periods:

    One period per day for the whole year

    Course Units and Objectives:

    Digital Textbook: Glencoe Math Course 1,©2013

    Throughout the year we will explore:

    • Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    • The Number System
    • Expressions and Equations
    • Geometry
    • Statistics and Probability

    Classroom Rules and Expectations: 

    1. Come to class on time and be prepared to learn
    2. Leave all electronics (cell phone, iPod) in locker
    3. Respect yourself, others, and school property
    4. Always use appropriate language
    5. Keep a positive attitude about learning.

    Classroom Consequences:

     The following consequences will be used as a guideline for misconduct in the classroom for not following the classroom rules.  More serious offenses will result in immediate action by administration:

    •  First Offense: Verbal warning
    • Second Offense: 20 minute detention and phone call home
    • Third Offense: Conference with School Principal (Resulting in extended detention, in-school suspension, etc.)


    Grading Policy: The grading policy is as follows.  Students will receive a numerical grade on their report cards. 

    1. Activities/Assignments will make up 40% of the grade.
    2. Assessments will make up 60% of the grade.


    Classwork/Homework Policy:

     1. Classwork will be given four to five times a week, and will always be posted in the classroom and on Genesis.

    2. All classwork and homework must be completed on time for full credit.  If a “daily” classwork assignment is one day late, you will receive half credit.  If a “daily” classwork assignment is more than one day late, you will receive no credit.

    3. Long term assignments like take-home quizzes and projects, will be assigned periodically.  If one of these assignments is late, 10 points will be deducted for each day it is late after the due date.

    4. If an assignment is missed due to an absence, you must see me immediately upon your return to class. Students who are absent on the day homework is assigned will have one additional day to complete the assignment when they return. *It is the student’s responsibility to get the work that they have missed!*


    Remember to check the Manville Schools website often for current information.  To get to my website from the district home page:  Click directory and search by last name.  On my website you can find current homework assignments, class information, links for help/ enrichment, and more.


    I know that you have the tools to succeed if you try your best and keep a positive attitude.  I am excited to have a great year with you! 



     Ms. Pisano