• CLASSROOM RULES: Be on TIME!! Be Respectful!

     The class will be broken up into 4 parts. Instruction, Set-up, work time and Clean up.  During Instruction there will be no talking.

     Be respectful of yourself, your classroom and your supplies.

     Be Kind and Cooperative!

     All negative comments should be kept to yourself. Show respect for the rights of others. Do not touch anyone’s work but your own.

     Remember the “Golden RULE”!!

     Be Safe! = Use tools appropriately.

     Be Prepared & Responsible

     You must have a #2 pencil everyday –not mechanical. Come to class prepared!

     Be Neat! = It is your responsibility to clean up your mess.  Please respect our environment and supplies.  Clean your tools, your tables & floor, and lastly your hands!

     Daily Routine:

     Bring a #2 pencil to class every single day.

     Your Art Folder should also be in class every day.

     Have a clear work area.

     Read & follow “DO NOWS” on the board.

     Be seated and get quiet.

     Instructions will be given.                                                    

     Get supplies, work on project.

     Work together to clean up your work area.

     Listen during the review.

     Remain seated until you are dismissed; the bell does not dismiss you!

     Push in your chair.


     Classwork-  -Practice exercises & Participation, 30% of your grade

     Homework-  -full credit if on time, 20 points taken off per day, 10% of your grade

     Quizzes-  -based on behavior you may have more or less of these. They can be anything from a couple questions to an Art based writing assignment,  20% of your grade

     Projects–  -each project is graded on EFFORT, techniques, meeting the lesson’s objectives, and creativity. Specific Rubrics may be given. Daily observations are made based on the amount/quality of work completed during each class, 40% of your grade

    Be prepared, time management, use of tools, critiques, complete attention, and clean up are stressed throughout the course.

    Behavior & cooperation are also a big part of your grade!!!

    ALL assignments must have a label on the back including first last name, cycle period & date (if not you will lose points)


    Craftsmanship is very important! You will get points off for folds or ragged edges on your work. Be CAREFUL & Neat!