6th Grade Health Topics

  • Personal/Mental Health:

    demonstrate current knowledge related to health promotion and disease prevention

    demonstrate characteristics that contribute to self-confidence and self-esteem

    practice goal-setting skills

    develop and implement a personal health-promoting plan

    Family Life:

    recognize that roles as responsibilities change as they mature

    practice health-promoting behaviors within the family

    identify changes in their relationship with parents and analyze reasons for these changes

    identify behaviors that enhance or block effective communication

    identify and practice effective communication techniques

    appreciate the skills necessary for good parenting

    Stress Management:

    identify physiological changes associated with stress and its impact on health

    assess personal stressors and their impact on health

    identify personal symptoms of stress and the related causes

    demonstrate effective coping and social skills for managing common stressors

    demonstrate skills for cultivating positive peer relationships

    Safety and Injury Prevention:

    discuss prevalence of violence, particularly among youth

    recognize the relationship between real and media violence and analyze the impact of media violence on behavior

    identify common causes of conflict and violence, and identify ways of getting along peacefully

    practice violence prevention skills related to anger, sexual assault and weapon safety

    identify the most common causes of unintentional injuries and practice prevention skills

    promote personal responsibility for healthy schools and communities


    Nutrition and Fitness:

    motivate students to make healthier choices based on valid nutrition information

    develop a plan for improving each component of fitness with an emphasis on cardiovascular health

    demonstrate the ability to make healthy nutrition and fitness choices

    obtain reliable consumer information and practice making well-informed consumer choices

    Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs:

    assess knowledge and attitudes about drug use

    determine what factors influence drug-related decisions and behaviors

    distinguish between drug use, misuse and abuse

    develop skills for analyzing and counteracting negative influences that place them at high risk for drug use and other unhealthy behaviors

    identify adverse health effects and legal and social consequences related to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other harmful drugs

    reinforce important life skills such as decision-making, goal-setting, resistance and prevention

    Growth and Development:

    examine how body systems interconnect and the effects of personal health behaviors on these systems

    enhance student understanding of their developing sexuality and explore the various aspects of human sexuality related to gender roles, stereotyping, and other influences on sexual identity

    identify appropriate ways to express and show affection

    develop skills for promoting healthy relationships while promoting sexual abstinence

    Disease Prevention:

    appreciate the degree of control they have over many lifestyle diseases

    identify the leading causes of death in the US and practice ways to prevent these and other diseases such as heart disease, cancer and sexually transmitted diseases

    appreciate the incidence and prevalence of HIV/AIDS, identify the risk factors and prevention


    ABIS Student Handbook

     6th Grade Health Syllabus