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    The Manville School District is pleased to be adopting a new literacy program that supports our goals to create kids who love reading.  We will be working cohesively this year to embrace a developmentally appropriate reading program that will encourage the amazing growth and development that  the readers of Manville deserve. We label books, not children. In keeping with this mentality, we look forward to incorporating you as a learning partner as we work to tailor our approach to support every individual learner and "meet them where they are".  Exciting stuff! 


    What can you do each night to help your reader/writer? 


    Reading is the single most important thing your child can do to improve his/her Language Arts skills.  Reading daily has been proven to:

    1) Increase fluency (rate/speed of reading)

    2) Increase stamina (length of time a child can sit and read without losing focus)

    3) Build comprehension (understanding of what is read)

    4) Cause enjoyment (reading for pleasure has unimaginable benefits for anyone, child or adult)


    Your child will be working very hard during the day.  Completing hours of homework in Language Arts on top of that is not needed.  Therefore, the Language Arts Department at Roosevelt has made the unified decision to create one standard homework assignment across the board.  Your child needs to read for 20 minutes everyday, including weekends. There is a spot in their homework agendas ( AKA ‘The Brain’) where your child should  record what they have read, the number of minutes read and have an adult guardian initial nightly. We will be checking it every Monday and giving them a homework grade (and praise) based on its completion.  Please feel free to utilize any of the websites or tools you find on our webpages to design a nightly reading experience that keeps it fresh and interesting for all. I’m a wealth of creative ideas, contact me if you need to brainstorm some ways to keep your child interested.


    There may be times where we need to send something home for further review or classwork if your child is having trouble finishing during allotted time, but this reading routine will be the main homework assignment for the year.  We will examine and revisit it as we go to make sure it is working for everyone.  


    Thank you for your partnership as we embark on this reading adventure together, I know it’s going to be an amazing year!