Syllabus 2018-2019

  • Bienvenidos a la clase de Español de la Señorita Acebo
    E-mail:  Phone: (908) 231-8500 ext.7001


    Spanish I, III, IV Honors

    Course Materials:

    • Binder/ 5 subject notebook: Student MUST have a binder or 5 subject notebook for Spanish class only. I recommend a three ring 1 ½ inch binder or a folder where worksheets can be kept. Divide the binder/ notebook into 5 sections: Hazlo ahora, vocabulario, gramática, lectura y tarea. Please keep all worksheets dated and organized, as there will be random notebook checks that will count as a quiz grade.
    • Class Participation/Preparedness:
      • Class participation is a very important part of your grade. I expect everyone to participate on a daily basis – therefore, the participation grade should be a guaranteed way to enhance your average;
      • Participation includes coming to class on time and prepared with all material required, speaking in Spanish during class, and completing the classwork.
      • Class participation points WILL be taken away with use of cell phones/headphones. (Unless otherwise noted by the teacher)
      • Attached is a list of other ways to lose class participation points.


    • Homework:
      • Homework must be completed the day it is due– it will not be accepted late. Homework will be checked or collected at the beginning of the class;
      • If a student is absent, he or she will be given a day for each absent day to make up work. If more than two (2) days pass by and they haven’t made up the work it will be a zero. Student must come see me to see what they missed.
      • I try my best to always put the homework on either Google Classroom/Remind. If by any chance I do not post it on either app, but I state the homework in class, I still expect it to be done. Students’ should constantly be checking Google Classroom/Remind.


    • Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Make-ups, Extra-Help:
      • Tests will be announced; Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.
      • In case of an absence on the day of a test or a quiz, the student will have a day for each day he/she is absent to take it unless they knew about it for a few days. In that case they should be ready to take it upon return to school.
      • If a student is absent on a Project due date, student is expected to hand the work in the day of his/her return to school;
      • Extra-help is available upon request.


    • Attendance/Tardiness:
      • The student is expected to be in class on time, in his/her assigned seat working on the “Hazlo Ahora” (do now) when the bell rings, regardless of previous assignment location. If a student is late to class, he/she will be marked late and sent to the previous class or main office to request a late pass. When returning, leave the pass on my desk and take a seat quietly.
      • Students will not be allowed to use the bathroom until their “Hazlo Ahora” (do now) is completed.
      • Unless advised by the nurse-No student should be going to the bathroom every single day. (This avoids students meeting up with friends and taking class time away)
    • Grading:
      • The Student will be graded using a variety of assessments. Your final grade will be determined using a point system. Your total earned points will be divided by the total possible points for each marking period to calculate your grade.
    • Projects (group and individual) /Tests 40%
    • Quizzes 20%
    • Class participation 30%
    • Homework 10%


    • All projects, writing assignments or oral presentations should be done by the due date. Students will receive 10 points off the grade for each late day up to 3 days.  Except in case of an extended illness, it will not be accepted and no credit (zero) will be given after the third day late.
    • In case of an absence, students are responsible for retrieving their papers from the teacher on the day of return to class.
    • No Extra Credit will be given!
    • If a student is caught cheating (whether giving or receiving answers), they will receive a 0 and administration will be contacted.


    • Classroom General Guidelines:
    1. Be prepared and on time for class;
    2. *There is a strict no cell phone use policy during class time. Students will have the option to leave their cell phones at the teacher’s desk prior to the beginning of class. If a student is found using his or her cell phone it will be taken immediately and left on my desk or given to the office. Phones are to be put in book bags, not on the desk, to avoid temptation.*
    3. No headphones are to be used in class unless instructed to do so.
    4. Book bags should be placed near the desk or under the desk-not on top.
    5. Respect one another and your teacher. Treat each person in the classroom with respect and dignity. Keep an open mind. No cursing or bullying will be tolerated. Disrespectfulness will NOT be tolerated at any point in time.
    6. No gum, food or drink (other than clear water bottle). Gum chewing interferes with pronunciation.
    7. Raise your hand and wait for permission before speaking. Speaking and listening is a very important part of this class, so everyone will have the opportunity to speak and to be heard.
    8. If a student needs to go to the restroom, and the teacher is teaching, the student must wait until the teacher is done. This avoids students’ coming up during the middle of a lesson/teachable moment.
    9. For my Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 Honors- Students WILL be expected to follow along and speak/try at a higher standard level. I will be speaking primarily in Spanish since it is a higher-level course.
    10. I am here to help your child succeed in learning another language. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


    Consequences: The first violation of classroom rules and guidelines will be addressed between teacher and student. The second violation will result in parental contact and the third time will result in administration referral.


















    Course Information and Requirements

    Spanish Class – Señorita Acebo

    E-mail: Phone: (908) 231-6806 ext. 3102



    As your child’s Spanish teacher, I am looking forward to a great school year and I am excited to be teaching your child. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am also available for extra help by request.




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