Manville High School Guitar/Advanced Guitar Lab

  • Welcome to the Manville High School Guitar Program! This year we will have three half-year Guitar Lab courses; an entry-level in Semester 1 and advanced levels 2 and 3 in Semester 2. The purpose of these classes is to introduce students to the joys of music so that they will develop into lifelong musicians. We will be covering a wide variety of musical knowledge and performance on guitar.

    Syllabus (a hard copy to be signed has also been provided to students):

    Course Overview

    • The purpose of this course is to introduce and/or build upon student’s musical knowledge and skills through increasingly complex experiences in performing, composing, and improvising on guitar. Through musical experiences, students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of music to history, culture, technology, and other fields of knowledge.


    Course Goals & Objectives

    • Students will develop the skills to read, comprehend, and perform written music notation.
    • Students will perform with confidence, musicality, and accuracy.
    • Students will develop aural skills to analyze, critique, discuss, and evaluate themselves and others.
    • Students will practice/perform musical literature from different time periods with diverse styles and at varying levels of difficulty.
    • Students will develop their sense of self and self-confidence.
    • Students will acquire essential group and team building skills to work together as a community.


    Classroom Expectations

      • Always perform your best, regardless of skill level. Your participation is crucial to the ensemble as well as your grade!
      • At the start of each class, students will bring their belongings to their assigned seat, complete do now, collect their instrument, and take out their necessary materials. Failure to do this in a timely manner will result in a lowered participation grade and potentially being marked tardy!
      • Students are to dispose of any gum, food, or drinks in the garbage at the start of class.


    • Students are to show respect for themselves, faculty members, fellow peers, and school property (desks, chairs, instruments, sheet music, facilities, etc.). Students are responsible for any property or materials assigned to them that is lost or broken.


    • Required Materials

    For this class you will need a folder, notebook, and pencil. There will be a notebook/folder check at the end of the cycle so make sure you hold onto everything you get!


    • Attendance & Tardiness 

    It is imperative that we begin on time and with everyone present. Arriving to class late 3 times will result in a teacher detention after school as well as parent contact. Repeat offenses will result in additional detentions as well as a conduct referral to Mr. Venuto. Additionally, arriving late will result in a lowered participation grade.

    Please refer to the Manville Board of Education Attendance Policy for further information on administrative policies.


    • Discipline Policy

     It is crucial that we work together as a team.  However, if individuals refuse to participate, disrupt class, or generally hinder the learning and growth of music in the classroom, disciplinary measures will be taken.  

    In addition to the Code of Conduct, I will not tolerate the following list, which includes but is not limited to:

    Inappropriate language

    Eating or drinking in the classroom

    Hitting or otherwise bothering other students

    Defacing or damaging school property

    Stealing or damaging other people’s property

    Inappropriate use of technology including cell phones, iPods, or video games             

    Inappropriate use of school equipment


    Consequences for not adhering to the rules of the classroom include:

    1) Verbal Warning

    2) Teacher Detention and/or Student sent to main office for class period and given conduct referral/Contact Parent

    3) Conduct Referral to Mr. Venuto


    • Restroom Policy

    The restrooms that we have in our room are for emergency use only. Abusing bathroom privileges will result in them being locked to students. Please take care of all restroom visits at the beginning or end of class. 


    • Electronic Device Policy:

    Inappropriate use of an electronic device will be dealt with as follows…

    1) Verbal warning

    2) Confiscation of the device and given back at the end of the class

    3) Confiscation of the device and given to administration

    Grading Policy:

    Class Participation - 50%

    This grade includes all activities during class time including engagement, behavior, preparation, and overall improvement from class to class. A grade for this portion will be posted weekly.

    Assessment - 40%

    This grade includes formal and informal assessment during class time and performance assessments. 

    Homework - 10%

    This grade includes but is not limited to practicing at home or any other assignment that must be completed at home.

    Grades on late assignments will be reduced by 10 points for every day they are late. If a student is absent, he/she is still responsible for submitting all work in a timely manner (1 extra day for each day absent).


    Office Hours:

    I am available during lunchtime, before school, after school, and by appointment whenever possible.  Please do not hesitate to stop by if you have any questions.