Algebra I

  • Algebra I

    Ms. DiGena


    Room 6

    Upon Entering The Classroom Expectations 

    • Attendance

      • You must be in your seat by the bell, if you have a long walk to the classroom please communicate that with me and I will work with you! 

    • Expectations 

      • When you enter the classroom you will take a calculator (if it’s there)  and replace it with your phone.

      • Once you are seated, take out your notebook and/or Chromebook and a pencil, label your Page for the day!!

      • Dispose of or put away any food when entering the classroom, water is ok! 

      • 10-10 rule. No leaving the classroom for a drink or the bathroom 10 minutes before the end of class and at the start of class.

      • When you leave the classroom, please make sure you take everything with you. All borrowed materials should be returned to their original place. Clean up your garbage!! 

    How To Be Prepared for Class

    • NOTES!!

    • 3 ring binder with paper or subject notebook 

      • Folder

      • PENCIL

    • Highly suggested : a form of a calendar or agenda

    • Your CHARGED Chromebook 

    What We Will Be Learning This Year


    Unit 1:  Linear Equalities and Inequalities

    Unit 1 A - Working with Real Numbers and Expressions 

    Unit 1 B - Solving Linear Equalities and Inequalities 

    Unit 1 C - Modeling (Graphing) Linear Equalities and Inequalities 

    Unit 1 D - Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities 

    Unit 2:  Linear and Exponential Modeling: Functions and Bivariate Statistics

    Unit 2 A - Introduction to Functions with a focus on Linear and Nonlinear 

    Unit 2 B - Functions - Exploring Rate of Change and Transformations of Linear and Exponential

    Unit 2 C - Modeling Functions including Scatter Plots and Correlation/Causation

    Unit 2 D - Writing Linear and Exponential Functions and Working with Exponents

    Unit 3: Quadratic Modeling

    Unit 3 A -Introduction to Working with Quadratic Expressions and Equations and Solving Quadratic Functions 

    Unit 3 B - Exploring Graphs of Quadratic Functions and their Features and Graphing using transformations

    Unit 4:  Other Non-Linear Graphs and One-Variable Statistics


    Grading Policy 

    • All late homework and assignments will be docked points per days late to the teacher’s discretion depending on the assignment

    • Absent work must be made up and will stay marked as “Absent” (does not count as a zero) until work is handed in. The new due date of the assignment will be communicated by the teacher 

    Grading Scale

    • Homework: 10%

    • Assignments: 30%

    • Assessments: 60%


    Total 100%