Algebra I

  • What We Will Be Learning This Year

    Unit 1:  Linear Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 2:  Linear Functions and Arithmetic Sequences

    Unit 3:  Systems of Equations and Inequalities 

    Unit 4:  Exponential Functions and Geometric Sequences

    Unit 5:  Polynomial Expressions and Equations

    Unit 6:  Quadratic Functions and Equations

    Unit 7:  Descriptive Statistics 

    Unit 8:  Radical Functions and Equations



    • Homework : 10%
    • Quizzes : 15%
    • Tests : 30%
    • Classwork : 15% 
    • Projects : 30% 


    Total 100% 



    Homework will be given weekly, depending on the progress of the class. All homework will be checked in class. You may receive half credit for any assignment received no later than one day of the due date. If absent, you will have one day from the day you receive the work to complete the assignment for full credit. 


    Quizzes will usually be given weekly or biweekly. Quizzes will ALWAYS be announced one or two days before hand, they will NEVER be a surprise. 


    Test will be given at the end of each Unit. At least one day of review will be provided

    prior to test. An approximate test date will usually be announced about a week before

    hand, however, it is important that you keep track of where we are in the chapter.


    Classwork is all in-class work that is collected on the day the work is done during the period. Classwork may take multiple days to complete. Classwork will not always be out of the same amount, some may be more points than others. Classwork includes participation in class, you will receive a weekly participation grade from both myself and you. 


    Projects will usually be given after tests. They can differ between group and individual projects. Projects will always be accompanied by a full rubric to follow.