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    Why I assign homework:
      I believe homework is important because it is a useful tool to reinforce the skills learned in school that day.  Also, homework teaches the students to be organized and responsible.

    When homework will be assigned:
     Homework will not be assigned every day.  It will be assigned on an as needed basis.  Assignments should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete and should never be stressful. If you find you are having a difficult time let me know directly on the homework with a note.

    Student’s homework responsibility:
     I expect students to complete their homework on time.  They must put forth their best effort.  Homework needs to be completed neatly. If perchance, the student is absent, they will have to make-up the missing assignments.

     Teacher’s homework responsibility:
            I will collect homework and give a weekly grade.  I will offer positive incentives for those who complete homework on time.

    Parent’s homework responsibility:
           I would like parents to make homework a priority.  Also, parents should provide time and a quiet place to complete homework.  They should be supportive and not let their child adhere to their responsibilities. If a child isn’t completing homework, parents should contact me!

        If students do not complete homework:
      The students will receive an “Ooppss”  sheet if homework is not completed.  The student is responsible for completing the "Ooppss" sheet and the missed homework. Once students receive 3 "Ooppss" sheets the parents will be informed about missing homework assignments.