Sight Words

Kindergarten Sight Words

  •  Virtual Ways to practice sight words at home: 

    Sight Word Building Game

    Online flashcards for word practice: 

    Marking Period 1 Practice


    Some other ideas: 

    • Spell & read with magnetic letters 
    • Play a game of tic-tac-toe with your words 
    • Play sight word BINGO 
    • Hide sight words on notecards around the house and have your child search and read 
    • Paper plate toss: write sight words on a paper plate. Have your child toss a bean bag or stuffed animal & read the word that it lands on
    • Memory: write sight words on notecards, turn them face down, and play a game of memory  
    • Chalk: write your words in sidewalk chalk (outside or on black paper) 
    • Shaving cream: write your words in shaving cream 
    • Play-doh: make your words out of play-doh 
    • Make 2 sets of word cards and play a game of "go fish"
    • Tape sight words to the ceiling or wall, turn off the lights, and read the words using a flashlight 
    • Tape sight words in the inside of a muffin tin, then toss a ping pong ball or another small object into the pan. Read and write the word that it lands on. 

    Here is a video about how to build words

    Find the list of kindergarten words here - 

    Sight Word List

    *If you come up with any of your own fun ways to practice sight words, please share them with me!