Resources Page

  • Sight Words Resources

    *Click here for the Kindergarten Sight Words

    *Sight Word Practice Ideas:

    • Spell & read with magnetic letters 
    • Play a game of tic-tac-toe with your words 
    • Play sight word BINGO 
    • Hide sight words on notecards around the house and have your child search and read 
    • Paper plate toss: write sight words on a paper plate. Have your child toss a bean bag or stuffed animal & read the word that it lands on
    • Memory: write sight words on notecards, turn them face down, and play a game of memory  
    • Chalk: write your words in sidewalk chalk (outside or on black paper) 
    • Shaving cream: write your words in shaving cream 
    • Play-doh: make your words out of play-doh 

    Fundations Resources

    *Click here for Fundations paper:  Lines with picture spaceLines verticalLines horizontal

    *Fundations - CVC Words for Unit 3: mop, map, tap, tab, tub, rub, led, lad, bad, bud, bug, rug, dig, dip, bet, bit, fit, fig, fat, rib, sob, job, dot, lid, mud, Ted, lap, not, ten, bed, at, hip, peg, had, pen, bat, hit, pet, bus, bun, bib, red, jab, nod, but, pot, Ben, pat, tab, Jim, tin, rat, big, tip, mad, den, gum, mug, sub, fun, pup, lot, hut, sit, let, gap, sip, dug, Sid, mat, lit, pig, nap, did, pal, nut, gas, him, tug, vet, yes, yet, wet, web, wig, zip, zap, quit, quiz, tax, fix, mix, fox, wax, cop, cup, cob, cot, cub, cab, kid, kit

    *Fundations - Digraph Words for Unit 4: rash, such, chip, much, shot, moth, rich, lash, path, dash, whip, math, dish, shut, rush, shop, wish, fish, shed, chin, chop, chat, Beth, with, bath Seth, thin, thud, ship, mash, shock, Rick, neck, back, pack, chick, Jack, sock, quick, dock, deck, sick, thick, luck, puc, rack, duck, tuck, lick,, sak, lock, peck, quick, quack