General Physics

  • In this course, we will cover the following topics:

    Forces and Motion

    Circular Motion




    Depending on how quickly we move, we may have time for either a look into electrostatics or an individual research project at the end of the year. As this is my first year teaching, I've left ample time in case we need to move more slowly than anticipated, so there is a good chance that we will get to those extra topics.

    We'll be working on our investigative skills over the length of the course using real world phenomena as a focus point. There will also be plenty of opportunities to show off creative skills through projects pertaining to different physics topics! I would like each student to have a notebook or binder dedicated to investigations so that their progress can be checked throughout the year. If anyone needs me to provide any resources for the course, please don't hesitate to reach out so I can get what you need to succeed!


    Investigation notebook/binder with paper

    Notebook or binder for problems


    calculator (as long as it has an EE or 10^ function, that's fine)


    Grading Policy

    Homework: 10%

    Classwork: 20%

    Quizzes: 15%

    Projects: 25%

    Tests: 30%


    Starting on Wednesday 10/26

    For each day an assignment is late, 5 points will be deducted from their grade