School Counseling

  • Middle School Counselors are experienced in working with early adolescents as they deal with the important transition from their preteen to early teen years. Counselors assist these students to achieve a happy and successful school year. 


    Common topics a School Counselor can assist with include:

    • helping students make decisions about friends, relationships or other concerns;
    • helping students develop positive self-esteem;
    • helping students cope with the many challenges and personal problems they face on a day-to-day basis;
    • helping students choose courses and levels to enhance their educational progress;
    • motivating students by counseling and providing tips on study skills and organization;
    • exploring career options.

    Counseling is a process which can help all students because it provides them with ...

    • a chance to explore feelings about their concerns;
    • a trusting, confidential environment to discuss problems;
    • a time to think out loud;
    • the opportunity to explore new ideas which might help them cope.

    Middle School students are invited to talk to their counselor about:

    Academic Concerns:
    • failing courses;
    • underachieving;
    • behavioral problems in classes;
    • difficulties with teachers;
    • test-taking problems;
    • placement in ability grouping.
    Family Issues:
    • divorce/separation in the family;
    • death/illness in the family;
    • stress related to a family crisis;
    • discipline in the home;
    • family support for academic success.
    Personal Problems:
    • anything that creates stress;
    • concerns about peers or peer groups;
    • questions about alcohol, drugs, sex;
    • feelings of depression/agitation