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    Mr. McNally

    Welcome to my web page! My name is Mr. McNally, and I am the full-time School Counselor at Roosevelt School.  This will be my third year at Roosevelt School and in the Manville School District.  We are also excited to welcome Ms. Brons, who served as a part-time School Counselor at Weston last year and will be helping us at Roosevelt this school year.

    As school counselors, we wear many hats and play many roles in the school. First, I serve as the Anti-Bullying Specialist in our school and am responsible for completing and resolving investigations on reports of Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (HIB). I also serve as the building 504 Coordinator and Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Coordinator to facilitate accomodations and interventions for eligible students. Additionally, I serve as the Roosevelt Testing Coordinator and am responsible for the planning, security, distribution, and collection of standardized tests, such as PARCC and NJSLA. Last but not least, I am responsible for the personal, social, and emotional development of students. I facilitate our building Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program called the Roosevelt Road. Every month of the school year we focus on different Roosevelt Road positive character attributes, all of which stem from the Six Pillars of Character. I teach monthly classroom lessons based on the theme/focus for that month (such as Responsibilty, Caring, Citizenship, etc.) and also hold monthly classroom bulletin board contests, which revolve around the monthly character theme/focus as well. I also lead the Roosevelt Road VIP committee, which determines one Student of the Week (VIPs) from every classroom. These students are nominated by staff, as well as other students, in recoginition of their following of the Roosevelt Road. VIP Students of the Week are also automatically nominated to be a Student of the Month candidate. Finally, I and Ms. Brons help facilitate personal, social, and emotional growth by holding small group counseling, as well as individual counseling sessions for eligible students.

    Our doors are always open, and we are always more than happy to speak with our Roosevelt parents/guardians regarding academic, personal, social, and emotional progress and/or concerns of their students.  Thank you for reading and let's have a great school year going down the Roosevelt Road!

    Wilmington University
    M.Ed. School Counseling

    Rowan University
    B.A. Law and Justice Studies

    New Jersey School Counselor Standard Certificate

    Email: Rmcnally@manvillesd.org
    Phone: (908) 231-7240

    Mr. Ryan McNally
    Roosevelt School
    410 Brooks Boulevard
    Manville NJ, 08835