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    "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."

                            - Margaret Fueller 


    language arts

    Welcome to Mrs. Balzano's Language Arts Class!


       Our goal is, of course, to read and write, but also to grow intellectually.  We will grow through self-discovery and view our world critically, strategically, and creatively.  You will accomplish this through reading many works of great literature, relating them to your own world, and expressing yourself through various forms of writing.  In addition, your thoughts and ideas will be discussed, at great lengths, during class; therefore, be ready to PARTICIPATE! 

               This site was created to be used as one of the many tools to aid you in having a successful year in language arts.  By clicking on various items under the main menu, you will find links, documents, and PowerPoints that were used in class to teach lessons.  Have fun and explore!