Mrs. Katrina De la Cruz
     Third Grade Inclusion Teacher 
    Welcome to 3rd grade at Roosevelt School! I will be working with Ms. Harvey as the inclusion teacher for all subjects. We will have an exciting year. I am so excited to work with you! This is my eleventh year in the Manville School District.

    My philosophy is that teaching is one of the most important callings a person can have. I believe every student can learn and that knowledge unlocks the world for a child. I believe that we all should learn how the world works. My personal philosophy is that the interests of all students are important.
    Bachelor of Arts in German and Journalism
    Master of Arts in Education and Special Education
    Graduate Program Teacher of English as a Second Language
    Elementary Teacher in Grades K-5
    Teacher of Students with Disabilities 
    Teacher of English as a Second Language



    908-231-8500 x7032