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Miss Courtney Fedor



Dear Parents,

We are including different activities for your child to complete due to school closing.  Sent home in the beginnning of this week you will find a Math packet, Language Arts packet, and a Writing packet.  


Math Packet- please complete the pages in addition to working to complete two Fact Practice activities in Freckle.  Our class code is fedorx. After both Fact Practice activities are completed each day, please work in the Base Ten section of Freckle for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Progress will be tracked by your child’s teacher each day. 


Language Arts- In addition to the packet, please practice the current Fundations words, phrases, and story each day.  This packet also contains sight words from the first three marking periods. Please review these words with your child each day.  Students are also asked to complete Smarty Ants for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Also, students should complete two full books in Raz-Kids.  This includes listening, reading, and answering the comprehension questions. Teachers will also be tracking activity/progress in Raz-Kids and Smarty Ants.  

Raz-Kids Username- cfedor0


Writing- Students are being given a writing journal and writing prompts.  Please have your child complete a writing prompt each day. Stories should include six sentences- an opening sentence, a sentence that begins with first, next, then, and finally, and a closing sentence.  Please use the attached Writing Checklist to edit your child’s work. Then they can illustrate the story and add at least 3 labels.


If you have any questions, please email your child’s teacher:

Mrs. Erickson- herickson@manvillesd.org

Mrs. DeVries- ldevries@manvillesd.org

Miss DiNardo- kdinardo@manvillesd.org

Miss Todd- mtodd@manvillesd.org

Miss Fedor- cfedor@manvillesd.org 

Mrs. Buley- nbuley@manvillesd.org



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The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Bachelor of Arts: Marine Science

Bachelor of Arts: Teacher Education



Standard Certification K-6 Elementary Education