Mrs. Amy Ohlson

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Mrs. Amy Ohlson

"Art doesn't always have to be pretty. Art has to be meaningful."   -Duane Hanson




Art is indeed, a major language of childhood.

And it is spoken very well, here in my class.

Young children learn by re-creating their experience. 

Art, like play, helps children to make sense of their world.

Art enables them to communicate personal experiences and imaginative fantasies

in ways that are concrete and compelling,

even when they are unable to articulate it in words.

Art invites children to touch and experiment, to explore and transform.

Most significantly, it allows them to visualize, and make the intangible concrete.

In short, art is extremely important to the overall development of children,

to help them grow up to be

healthy, happy, whole-hearted human beings.


BFA -- Mason Gross School of the Arts @ Rutgers University (2010)
summa cum laude

MA, Art Ed -- Kean University (2015)
summa cum laude, valedictory nominee

Graduate Thesis:
"What Motivates an Artistic Epiphany?
Identifying the Causal Aspects of Creative Mortification and Subsequent Rebirth of Artistic Drive"