• Degree:
    BA Boston College:   Lynch School of Education  Cum Laude  
    Certificates:  Special Education  K-12  & Elementary Education                                                                 
    Certified to teach:  Massachusetts                                             
                                      New Jersey                                                              
             Thanks for stopping by my website.  I have taught in Manville for the past 16 years.  I began my teaching in Manville at Roosevelt, teaching grade 4-5 resource.  I was in Weston for the past 5 years and now I am back at Roosevelt. I always look forward  to  working  with  all my students and their families to help every student become the best they can  be.  
          My job is to provide my students with an individualized program and an environment that fosters learning and personal growth.  We continue work together to help your child to develop the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to provide a solid foundation in-order for them to continue to develop both educationally and emotionally.  
          I am the proud mother of four children (really adults now) and  two naughty dogs.  I have been teaching school for 25 years and have can honestly say that I have loved every minute.  When I am not working, I can probably be found playing with my two new dogs Daisy and Coco!!!!!  Life is good!