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  • School is going to be closed until at least April 20th. During this time at home, please work on the packets that have been sent home and check our learning website for assignments. Daily practice on SmartyAnts is highly reccommended! 

    When we return to school, please return your child's yellow folder and any completed work inside of the "completed work" folder. If there are any assignments that are not completed from the yellow folder, please return them inside the yellow folder so that we can continue to work on them as part of our daily routine at school. 


    Stay safe! 

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  •  Now, we are learning consonant digraphs. This is when two letter sounds stick together to make 1 new sound! Here is what we are learning: 

    ck - sock - /ck/ 

    wh - whistle - /wh/ 

    th - thumb - /th/ 

    sh - ship - /sh/ 

    ch - chin - /ch/ 


    When we were in school, we were learning how to spell CVC words and use /c/ and /k/ properly - here is the rule:  

    c - followed by the vowels a, o, or u 

    k- followed by the vowels i or e 


    To practice at home: 

    Have your child tell you the sounds in a word. For example, I say "cat" the student says /c/ - /a/ - /t/ 

    Have your child write the sounds that they hear. For example, I say "cat" the student writes c a t 

    Have your child recode words from sounds. For example, I say /c/ /a/ /t/, the student says "cat" 


    Web resources: 

    Fundations Letter/Sound Drill

    Letter Sounds - Jack Hartman

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